Why learn French with FANS?

Providing your children with the benefits of bilingualism

Founded over 20 years ago, FANS (The French-speaking Association of the North Shore) is a not-for-profit association located on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Our dynamic multicultural, multilingual community provides a modern French-English bilingual education within Killarney Heights Public School, while celebrating international francophone cultures with inclusive events. 

About Us

Choosing FANS for your family

Most of us have been where you are right now, researching French bilingual school options for our children in Sydney. We understand that it’s a big decision, and we have all chosen FANS. Why? 

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We have chosen the FANS French-English bilingual program at Killarney Heights Public School to raise our children as active global citizens. Our children benefit from a modern bilingual education, within a high-achieving Australian public school.

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Students are following the NSW school curriculum and school calendar, and are learning daily in both languages. Each class is taught collaboratively, with both Department of Education teachers and the qualified FANS native-speaking teachers of French working as a team. 

Our families experience Australian culture and way of life. We are building lifelong friendships, and putting down roots in stunning, safe surroundings. Our community is an ideal place to raise a family. 

The Northern Beaches of Sydney are surrounded by native forests, endless beaches, and lush parks. Yet, our suburb is only 15km from Sydney’s vibrant CBD.   

About the Northern Beaches

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We are leaders in French-English bilingual education, located on Sydney's 
beautiful North Shore


With over 20 years of experience, our program is accredited by Label FrancÉducation, a seal of quality awarded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

and we are a founding member of

AAFEBS, the Australian Association of

French Bilingual Schools.

Modern approach

Our students follow the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology to learn multiple subjects in both English and French, 

from Kindergarten to Year 6. 

French for all

We offer two distinct programs for different levels of French:  

> The Francophone stream, for students already exposed to French at home 

> The Anglophone stream, for students learning French as a new language


Experience Australian culture, follow the NSW curriculum and calendar while attending our bilingual program at Killarney Heights Public School.


FANS is run by an elected committee and supported by dedicated volunteer parents, and all funds go towards a unique bilingual education.


Our common values are openness, global mindedness, respect, and a quality French-English bilingual education for our children.  

Social Events

Enjoy our inclusive events: Welcome Wine & Cheese, Trivia, Raclette, Fête de la Musique, Book Sales, and the huge French Market. 

Teachers of French

Our highly qualified, native French speaking teachers work as a team with their Australian colleagues to deliver the bilingual curriculum. 

Benefits of Bilingualism

There are lifelong benefits to learning French


Bilingual children develop better communications skills, becoming more sensitive to the perspectives of others. People who speak other languages often develop more empathy and demonstrate a global mindset. 

Brain function

The brain power required to be a bilingual speaker improves the cognitive function linked to critical thinking and problem solving.


Learning a new language has a positive impact on achievement in other subjects, such as in English language learning, maths, and science when they continue to learn and develop their native language.  


Bilingual children develop a strong sense of identity, building their self-worth and boosting confidence. They are proud to be able to speak another language and are thrilled to greet others en français with a Bonjour! 


Bilinguals are good at focusing attention on information they’re gathering, as well as being advantaged in certain aspects of memory, such as generalising information from one event to a later event. 


Travelling is much easier and more fun when there isn’t a language barrier. Speak with the locals and make more friends along the way. Having a cultural connection to a language also deepens our travel experiences. 

Family heritage

Raising your children to be bilingual helps them understand the importance of their culture, and creates a strong sense of personal identity. It’s a great gift to your children. Being a model of bilingualism can help encourage your children to become bilingual, too. 


Bilingual people have a broader range of study and career opportunities. Speaking more than one language opens doors to new countries, new fields, and new contacts. 

Killarney Heights Public School

Our Primary school bilingual program is fully integrated within Killarney Heights Public School.

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Catchment area

While many FANS families enrolled in the bilingual program live in Killarney Heights, others live in the nearby suburbs of Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Belrose, and along the Northern Beaches.  

While it is preferable to live in the catchment area of the school to ensure enrolment at Killarney Heights Public School (KHPS), KHPS offers an out-of-area enrolment process for families enrolling in the bilingual program.  

Please contact the school for more information about the out-of-area process and area limitations. 

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Logistics for overseas families

As an Australian public school, KHPS follows the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education school calendar.

The school year begins at the end of January  

The school year finishes at the end of December  

There are four school terms of an average of ten weeks, with two weeks of school holidays in April (autumn), July (winter), and September (spring) separating each term.    

Summer holidays begin on the weekend before Christmas and end after Australia Day, at the end of January.  

NSW School Calendar

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Moving to Sydney's Northern Beaches 

Most of us have been where you are right now, researching bilingual education options for our children while contemplating a big move to Sydney. We also made the best decision to move here, put down roots, and raise our families in this beautiful, safe, clean, family-friendly city. You’re in good company!  

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

When choosing a suburb, we recommend you take into account commute times (at peak traffic), distance from work, housing budget, and lifestyle preferences.  

Most housing listings for rent or for sale are managed by real estate agencies. Most available housing options can be found on the two main real estate listing websites: 



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