Enrolments into the bilingual program at Killarney Heights Public School

To enrol your child(ren) into the French-english Bilingual Program at Killarney Heights Public School, you are required to follow the 2 steps below:

  • Enrol at Killarney Heights Public School directly
  • Enrol with FANS into the bilingual program

If you are not enrolling at both the shool and FANS, your child may be enrolled at the school but not able to participate into the bilingual program; or enrolled with the Association, but not with the school so we won’t be able to finalised the enrolment.

If you are not living in the catchment area, your completed enrolment (completed paperwork for the school + FANS as well as enrolment fees paid for the bilingual program) must be finalised before 23 August 2019 for a 2020 start.

Enrolments into the French-English Bilingual Program at Killarney Heights Public School to start in 2020 are now closed. Please contact the FANS Office if you have any questions or are interested in the program: admin@fanssydney.org.

Step 1 – Enrol your child(ren) at Killarney Heights Public School

Killarney Heights Public School
Tralee Ave
Killarney Heights NSW 2087
Ph. 9451 9547 / Fax 9975 5038

  • Complete this form and return it to the school.
  • If you are neither a citizen or a permanent resident, please follow the « Temporary Resident Program » steps on the DEC International website. Schools are not authorised to accept students before reception of the confirmation from DEC International that the temporary residency tax has been paid. Please organise this as soon as possible as it can take a few days to be finalised at the beginning of school year.

Step 2 – Enrol your child(ren) to participate in the French-English Bilingual Program with FANS

Étape 2 : inscrire vos enfants auprès de FANS

The bilingual program offered by FANS at Killarney Heights Public School has two streams: Anglophone and Francophone.

  • A student is defined as Francophone if at least one of the parents is from a francophone background. The child is not required to speak French to be considered as a “Francophone” but needs to understand it and has had some prior exposure to the language.
  • An “Anglophone” student is a child who has had no exposure to the French language prior to starting kindergarten.

Enrolments into the program are open from Kindergarten through to Y6 via the online form for all new Francophone students. It is only available for a Kindergarten start for Anglophone students.

All new Anglophone student who would like to join the bilingual program other than at a Kindergarten level, please contact admin@fanssydney.org. (Prior knowledge of French is necessary to enrol in a grade other than kindergarten and a Teacher of French will proceed to testing the child to ensure appropriate level.)

Please note – If you have several children to enrol in the program and one is to be considered as a Francophone, while another as an Anglophone, you will be required to complete the online enrolment form twice: once for the “Francophone” child(ren) and once for the “Anglophone” child(ren).

  • Complete the online form. Enrolments are now closed for a 2020 start. Please contact the FANS office for all questions.
  • Pay the enrolment fees (bond + admin fees) within 10 days of completing the online form

Enrolment Fees Amounts:

  • $800 per child for student enrolled in the program as “Francophone”
  • $400 per child for student enrolled in the program as “Anglophone”

Amounts above include a bond and $100 non-refundable admin fees.

Bonds are refunded the last term of Year 6. In case of departure at another time 4 weeks notice need to be sent to FANS in writing to advise of the child leaving (read the cancellation policy at the end of this page).

Enrolment fees can be settled via bank transfer (details on the online form) or by cheque sent to FANS, P.O.Box 472 – Forestville NSW 2087.

These enrolment fees are to secure a place into the bilingual program.

Annual Bilingual Program Fees:

Annual program fees will be invoiced and payable either at the beginning of the school year or quarterly and payable at the start of each term according to your preference. Program fees will be announced as soon as the budget for 2020 will be approved. As an indication, program fees in 2019 for a “francophone” student are $3,295 and $1,295 for an “anglophone” student.

Cancellation Policy

  • At the time of enrolment – enrolment fees (bond + admin fees) are non refundable.
    • The only condition when the bond will be refunded is if the school is unable to offer a place to the child in a bilingual class. The admin fees are non refundable.
  • Départure of a student already enrolled and participating in the bilingual program – a notice must be sent to the FANS office in writing (email or post) at least 4 weeks before the end of the term for the bond to be refunded.