We are looking for volunteers for the following projects:

Marché 2016

2020 Market:

Our French Market is being held once a year on the school oval from 9am – 4pm, usually the first Sunday of November. We had to cancel it this year due to COVID, however we have already started working on the 2021 edition, which will be held on Sunday 7 November. If you wish to join the FANS Stall coordinators, please contact us at the FANS office (marketing@fanssydney.org).
We also need volunteers for preparation days and on D Day. A roster is communicated in September with the stalls and time slots requiring assistance.

Comité Urgence Icon

Help committee:

Most of us do not have close family in Australia and FANS would like to gather a committee to help families in difficult situations. For instance: meal preparation, car pooling for the children, lending of equipment, etc… We would like to find a coordinator to work with a list of people to contact  according to the needs! If you can help, contact Anne info@fanssydney.org