We are looking for volunteers for the following projects:

Marché 2016

2019 Market:

Our French Market is being held once a year on the school oval from 9am – 4pm. Usually the first Sunday of November, 2019 will be an exception and will have the Market on the following weekend: Sunday 10th Nov. If you wish to join the FANS Stall coordinators, please contact us at the FANS office (marketing@fanssydney.org).
We also need volunteers for preparation days and on D Day. Please see our roster and register where you can help.

Comité Urgence Icon

Help committee:

Most of us do not have close family in Australia and FANS would like to gather a committee to help families in difficult situations. For instance: meal preparation, car pooling for the children, lending of equipment, etc… We would like to find a coordinator to work with a list of people to contact according to the needs! If you can help, contact Anne info@fanssydney.org