Rules and Terms & Conditions

Terms of Membership

  • Families with children enrolled in the Association’s programs (Killarney Heights Public School Bilingual Program, DELF or other classes organised by FANS), and who are up to date with their program and/or class fee payments, are automatically members of FANS.
  • A family or individual who is not enrolled in one of the Association’s programs can become a member by completing the appropriate form and paying the annual membership fee.
  • Membership to FANS implies the acceptance of its constitution and rules and regulation in their entirety.

Members’ Duties and Rights

Members’ Duties:

  • FANS members must behave in accordance with FANS’ expectations of respect, tolerance and friendliness towards other FANS members, Committee members and FANS employees.
  • Members may not disparage the Association; spread false rumours; share private data without authorisation; adopt behaviours akin to defamation, harassment of FANS employees, of KHPS employees or of Committee members; or have any other deliberate action that could prejudice FANS’ interests and the operation of the bilingual program.
  • By enrolling their children in the bilingual program or in any other classes organised by the Association, FANS members commit to adhere to the General Terms and Conditions (see all sections below: ” Bilingual Program at KHPS” , “After-hour Classes” and “The French Study”) and not to denigrate the FANS programs, its classes, teachers, FANS employees, Board members, and the management of the organisation. Members should be aware that their actions reflect on the Association.
  • Members must settle any outstanding payment related to membership, bilingual program and/or class fees by the deadline advised on the invoices, or as per agreed with the Administration, if special conditions have been approved.
  • Every parent is invited to actively contribute to the management of the program and to participate in fundraising efforts that will directly benefit the bilingual program. The opportunities are numerous and varied, allowing parents with little time to contribute if they wish.

Members’ Rights:

  • Members can apply for a paid position within FANS and will be required to declare any possible conflicts of interest at the time of application.
  • Members over 18 years of age have the right to stand for election to the FANS committee. Members with a profitable activity that directly competes with FANS’ activities (for instance private classes) may be declared ineligible to stand for election as Committee Member if the current Committee considers it a conflict of interest
  • Members may approach the Committee at any reasonable time on issues relating to the management of the program and the activities of the Association. The Committee presents the operational report or review and the financial balance sheet annually at the General Meeting.
  • Members may attend all Annual or Extraordinary