Bilingualism at Killarney Heights Public School

Killarney Heights Public School offers an immersion program which consists of the 3 following elements:

  • Intensive French for Francophone students.
  • Team teaching for Francophone and Anglophone students.
  • LOTE (Language Other Than English) : a program adapted for Francophone and Anglophone students.

Each of the native French speaking teachers are qualified teachers ( either in their native country or an Australian university) and are responsible for several classes (generally 2 classes per teacher, but this can vary).

In 2021, the program has 16 teachers francophones. 14 are financed exclusively by FANS and 2 teachers are part of the “community language” allocation that the Department of Education finances for the school.

You will find here the main slides of the info night 2021 presentation.

2021: Promotion of French at the school

Outside of class time it is important to experience school life in French. Various initiatives have been put into place to promote the use of French at school.

  • Clubs: Stories, Choir, DELF, Films, Lego WeDo.
  • Student committee for the promotion of French (Stage 3): Competitions, organisation of special days.
  • Francophonie week/ Printemps des Poètes (poetry)
  • DELF exams for Anglophones and Francophones in Y6
  • Exchanges with other schools in the Label FrancÉducation network and/or with AAFEBS
  • Participation at French events