The bilingual program at Killarney Heights Public School

The bilingual program at Killarney Heights Public School (KHPS) operates at the school since January 1999.

According to the principles of total bilingualism, the children have two qualified teachers, an Australian/English speaking teacher and a native French speaking teacher.

> Objectives

This initiative, monitored by the NSW Department of Education, has the following objectives:

  • Allow bilingual education in a local public school.
  • To keep a group of French speaking children in the same school, which helps them assert their identity and develop their self-confidence in being bilingual without being isolated from their Australian peers.
  • To give non French-speaking children the chance to learn French as a foreign language within their public school.
  • To expose children to other languages and cultures and encourage respect for each other’s cultures and multiculturalism, which forms the basis of today’s modern Australian society.

On the basis of the bilingual Kindergarten’s great success, more classes opened in the following years. Since 2005, the school has bilingual classes from Kindergarten to Year 6.

> Label FrancÉducation

In 2012, the school received the Label FrancÉducation as recognition by the French Government of the excellent French / English bilingual education provided by the school through its partnership with the association FANS (French speaking Association of the North Shore). This recognition was renewed successfully in 2018.

This label is designed to improve the diversity and quality of French teaching abroad, and gives such institutions recognition for their quality as well as access to a whole range of services. Killarney Heights Public School was the first school to receive this accreditation in Australia.

> Bilingual program additional classes

The bilingual program is an integral part of the Killarney Heights school and French is taught there between 9am and 3pm, KHPS’ official school hours.

  • Intensive French:

Students in the francophone stream have, in addition to French taught during school hours, 45 minutes of compulsory intensive French, twice a week in the morning (at 8.15am, from Year 1).

Anglophone students also have access to intensive French, but this 45-minute course, once a week, is optional.

  • The French Study:

FANS has set up an after-school study running since the start of the 2021. This study is mainly help with written homework, followed by games in French to optimise the time spent in a French language environment.

  • After Year 6:

FANS also organises classes for high school students in Forestville after school hours. See the “Classes” section for details.

Since 2019, Killarney Heights High School (KHHS) is offering advanced French classes from Year 7 for students coming from our school, as well as CNED French literature program for Year 9.

For more details, see the page “Continuing French after Year 6”

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