Enrolment for French-speakers at Killarney Heights

(This is the Francophone enrolment page. For the Anglophone / English-speaking enrolment process, click here.)

If you are Francophone and/or your children have at least a good passive French (that means they understand French), you can enrol your children in the intensive French program at Killarney Heights Public School. To do so, please follow the TWO STEPS below by 24th August 2018 for a 2019 start:

  • Enrol your children at Killarney Heights Public School
  • Enrol your children with FANS for 2018 in the intensive French program.

If you do not follow these two steps, your children will end up either not being enrolled with the school, or not being included in the Francophone groups.

If you do not reside at Killarney Heights, your file and enrolment fees must be received by 24th August 2018 to be considered for a place in the program in 2019.

Step 1 – Enrol your children at Killarney Heights Public School

Killarney Heights Public School
Tralee Ave
Killarney Heights NSW 2087
Ph. 9451 9547 / Fax 9975 5038

  • Fill in the form and return it to the school. If you are Francophone and/or your children understand French: add “FRANCOPHONE” in a visible place on the form, i.e. in the right top corner
  • If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you must follow the procedure for temporary residents as outlined on the following website DEC International.
  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the family to follow this procedure and the school is not permitted to accept a child’s enrolment until the DEC International has confirmed that the relevant taxes have been paid. At the start of the school year this process can take several days.

Step 2 – Enrol your children in the intensive French program with FANS

Return the completed forms via email, along with a payment via bank transfer to FANS, P.O.Box 472 – Forestville NSW 2087.

Refund Policy:

  • New Enrolments (kindy or other grades) – francophones “bond” or anglophone “deposit” are not refundable unless the school can’t offer a place at school.
  • Departure while already enrolled at school: a school term’s notice must be received, in writing, at the latest by the Friday of the 1st week of term in order for the “bond” or “advance” to be refunded. For any notice received past that week, the equivalent of a term’s fees will be requested and/or deducted from any “deposit” or “fees” received.