FAQs and Rules

On the basis of the bilingual Kindergarten’s great success, more classes opened in the following years. Since 2005, the school has bilingual classes from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Since January 2006, the Killarney Heights High School offers to children who have participated in the primary bilingual classes or have a frenchspeaking background an accelerated French program that will enable them to take their French HSC (High School Certificate) one year early.

But the school has grown and it is necessary that your enrolments are received both by the school and FANS by the end of August to be accepted for the start of the next school year. Please follow the links for procedures to enrol in the bilingual classes as a “Francophone” or an “Anglophone”. Francophones attend the native speaking sessions and French must be understood to enrol.

How do the bilingual programme and the school work?

You can download the following two documents (in French): 


Document explicatif du fonctionnement de l’association et du partenariat avec l’école (Format PDF)


Une série de questions/réponses sur l’arrivée à l’école (Format PDF)


For more information, please contact us on – Ph. 02 9451 4185 – Mob. 0488 776 133 – Email: [email protected]